Supreme Court Lets Shah Rukh Khan Walk Free From Old Case!

Tue Sep 27 2022 14:36:00 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

India is home to some crazy movie lovers who see their matinee idols as demigods. Without any doubt, people gather in lakhs to have a glimpse of the stars. Earlier we have seen how unwanted situations like stampedes take place at film events. The concerned film stars expressed sorrow over the unfortunate events.

All this came for discussion after the top court in the country, the Supreme Court gave a big relief to one of the biggest Superstars, Shah Rukh Khan in an old case. Hearing a case that traces back to a few years, the Apex Court let the top star walk free from the case. Not just the Superstar, his fans are also having a big relief now.

Going into detail, while promoting his action thriller Raees, Shah Rukh Khan boarded a train to the national capital Delhi from Mumbai. When the train reached Vadodara station, fans rushed into the station to see the Superstar.

It is said that Shah Rukh Khan reportedly threw 'smiley balls' and 't-shirts' at the crowd and fans rushed to get the m leading to a stampede. This caused one Farheed Khan Pathan to suffer a heart attack. A few others also sustained injuries.

Jitendra Solanki, who is believed to be a Congress leader has been fighting in the case to see that an FIR is filed against Shah Rukh Khan. When a local court issued a summons to Shah Rukh Khan, he moved the High Court of Gujarat in the case, and the High Court rejected the plea.

But Jitender Solanki did not leave the matter and moved the Supreme Court against Shah Rukh Khan. The Supreme Court heard the petition the other day and said there is nothing wrong on the Superstar's part as far as the stampede situation is concerned.

While supporting High Court's ruling on the issue, the Supreme Court made some interesting comments. The bench said that everyone has rights, including Superstars and on the grounds of his stardom, we cannot say he has no rights.

"What was the fault of this man (Khan)? He (Khan) is a celebrity but that doesn't mean he can control everyone else. Let us focus on more important subjects that deserve attention and time of this court," the Supreme Court bench said during the hearing.

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