Supreme Court Says No To Protection Of Avinash Reddy!

Tue May 23 2023 13:23:45 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

A lot of suspense has been going on about Kadapa MP YS Avinash Reddy for some time. A big debate is going on about his possible arrest as he is missing the CBI interrogation regularly. Not just once, he missed the sessions thrice adding fuel to the debate about his arrest. The other day it was reported that the CBI officers reached the Kurnool hospital.

Amid this, he is trying his best to get protection from a possible arrest. He approached the Supreme Court. But the Apex Court shocked him. In his petition, the MP sought directives to get protection from arrest till the 25th of this month.

However, the Supreme Court said no to giving protection and said that the MP should go to the vacation bench. The top court gave shocking directives and directed the High Court of Telangana's vacation bench to hear the petition on the 25th of this month and give orders on the same day. This is the latest blow YS Avinash Reddy got in the case. Earlier the Supreme Court said no to entertain his petition.

Amid a debate on the possible arrest of Avinash Reddy, the Supreme Court refused to entertain his petition. Now all eyes are on CBI to see what it will do now. The central agency is angry with the MP for missing the sessions thrice in a row. There is no protection for the MP and we have to see what the agency will do.

The reason behind CBI officers reaching the Kurnool Hospital is said to be Avinash Reddy's arrest. However, that did not happen. Party activists are said to have gathered in big numbers at the hospitals and Police personnel deployed in big numbers as a safety measure. It will be a big development in the case if the Kadapa MP gets arrested. Let us wait and see what happens next in the case amid the Supreme Court orders.

YS Vivekananda Reddy, a former MP was found dead at his residence in Pulivendula. The case turned political as the murder happened ahead of the elections. The AP CID probed the matter initially and the CBI came into the picture later. The case was transferred to Telangana from Andhra Pradesh.