Survey Reveals The Strength Of Congress Party!

Wed May 24 2023 15:19:49 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

There is a positive trend around the Congress party after winning the Karnataka elections. In the place of negative stories, positive stories concerning Congress are coming out slowly. It is said that the change started with Rahul Gandhi's Bharat Jodo Yatra, but the focus increased with the Karnataka elections. A recent survey conducted by NDTV- Lokniti - Centre For The Study of Developing Societies clarified a thing.

The survey clarified the strength of the Congress party. However, many people said that they are liking Narendra Modi as the Prime Minister. The survey was conducted in 19 states and 71 constituencies and 7202 participants. 43 percent of them preferred BJP and said that the party will come to power at the center for the third term.

The majority of the participants said that they would vote for the BJP if the elections are held now. However, 38 percent of participants said that they will not vote for BJP. As per the vote percentage, BJP is in the lead with 43%. A similar survey was conducted in 2019 and the survey got 44 percent for BJP. The percentage came down by one percent in the latest survey.
While just 19 percent supported the Congress party in the 2019 survey, the same increased by 10 percent in the new survey with 29%. 55% said that they are satisfied with the development of the NDA government led by Modi. 38% said there are ok with the govt and just 21 % expressed dissatisfaction. While 43 percent of the participants preferred Modi as Prime Minister. 27 percent preferred Rahul Gandhi.

While Modi saw a decline of one percent of votes compared to 2019, Rahul Gandhi saw a rise of three percent. However, there is a difference of around 16 percent of votes between them. Mamata Banerjee stood in third place with four percent. Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal also got four percent votes. However, three percent of participants preferred Akhilesh Yadav. Bihar Chief Minister Nitish who is touted to be in the race for PM received just one percent.

When asked about what they like in Modi, 25% of them said that they like his speeches and 20 percent said they like his development. 13 percent said they like his hard-working nature and 11 percent participants said they like his nature. The survey said that Modi has no competition. However, the Congress party's situation changed compared to earlier.