What A Fall For Paripurnananda!

Wed Aug 21 2019 11:10:19 GMT+0530 (IST)

One year ago, he was BJP's star speaker. The party provided him with a chopper to crisscross Telangana. He made boastful speeches and said he would be the Chief Minister of Telangana and promised many things to the people. One year later, he is not even a foot note in the BJP scheme of things. This man who rose like a shooting star and came down like a falling star is none other than Swami Paripurnananda.

Sources say the Swami lost all credibility as he did not campaign for the party in the Lok Sabha elections. Despite repeated requests from top BJP leaders, he showed no interest in joining the party campaign. As a result, the BJP has completely ignored him. He was not seen during the victory celebrations or any other party event in either Telangana or AP. Also, the national leadership reportedly is unhappy with him. As a result, even the national leaders are not meeting him these days.

The footfall of the BJP leaders has decreased at Swami's office. Even his diehard disciples like NVSS Prabhakar, Raja Singh and Bandi Sanjay have not visited him after the elections. Bandi Sanjay did not even make a visit to Swami. Today, he is lonely and friendless. No one even knows if he is in the BJP or not. What a fall for Paripurnananda?