T Cong in confusion: Is BRS a friend or foe?

Wed Mar 29 2023 12:02:17 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

The Congress Party in Telangana is in utter confusion. Its biggest problem is that it does not know whether BRS is a friend or a foe. The problem is because the BRS has extended its support to Rahul Gandhi on the issue of his disqualification. The Congress can neither criticize the BRS nor praise it. It has already toned down its criticism of the BRS.

There is an increasing feeling among the cadres of both the BRS as well as the Congress that they must unitedly work to defeat the BJP and Modi in particular. However, if there is a front or even an understanding between these two, it would benefit the BJP and it will get all the anti-BRS votes. This will finish the Congress off in Telangana.

But, as of now, the Congress in Telangana has been forced to tone down its criticism of the BRS and of KCR. This too will send wrong signals, feel a section of the Congress party. The BRS too feels that there can be no credible anti-Modi alliance without the Congress being in it. Hence, the party leaders in Telangana are in a state of confusion.

Meanwhile, Congress senior and former Maharashtra CM Ashok Chavan welcomed BRS foray into Maharashtra. He said he welcomed the entry of the BRS in Maharashtra politics. This too has left the local Congress leaders in a quandary. As of now, they do not know whether to support or criticize the BRS.