T Congress Dissidents Worried On Warangal Meet

Thu May 12 2022 11:33:52 GMT+0530 (IST)

There is alarm and concern among the Congress dissidents over Rahul Gandhi calling for a detailed report on the turnout at the recent public meeting in Warangal. He wanted a report on how many people attended from which constituency of Telangana. The report, sources said, would be used to make an assessment about the performance of various leaders.

The Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee estimated that the turnout at Rahul Gandhi's public meeting was around 2.5 lakh. The holding capacity of the venue is around 90000, but some place had to be left out due to security reasons. So, the turnout at the venue could be around 60000. There could be a floating population of around 40000 and those who reached late for the programme and hence could not reach the venue could be around 30000, according to estimates.

Sources say that the mobilization from erstwhile Waranger district was very good. In Karimnagar, only MLA D Sridhar Babu did some mobilization. Internal reports also show that around 10000 Congress activists took out a rally to the venue. The mobilization from Pakakurthi, Hasanparthy and Hanamkonda too was considerable.

The turnout from Nalgonda district was minimal, according to sources. The detailed report is likely to present these details to the high command. Sources say that Rahul Gandhi is likely to evaluate the leaders on the basis of the turnout from their respective strongholds.