Mahakutami: 94 For ONE - 25 For THREE!

Thu Nov 08 2018 21:23:20 GMT+0530 (IST)

Parties of Grand Alliance have finally reached an agreement on Seat Sharing Today. While Congress would contest in 94 seats, 25 Seats will be shared by its alliance partners (14 for TDP, 8 for TJS, 3 for CPI). Congress High Command made the allies compromise on number of seats by assuring prominent positions after the formation of government.

Actually, Congress will be contesting only in 93 seats. The National Party had allotted a seat to Telangana Inti Party president Cheruku Sudhakar. He, however, will be contesting on Congress symbol as Election Commission hasn't allotted symbol to his party.

On November 10th, Congress would unveil its first list of 74 Candidates along with that of its allies.

Telangana TDP accepted the 14 seats offered by Congress but sought clarity on few constituencies. TJS and CPI had lobbied hard but accepted what's being offered in the end.