T channel is now headed by an Andhraite!!

Wed Nov 17 2021 09:32:37 GMT+0530 (IST)

In a major reshuffle, the out-and-out pro-Telangana T Channel has now got a CEO of Andhra origin. Thus, the T Channel, formed to highlight the issues of Telangana, has now come full circle. TSR Shastri, who till now was a top media executive in the NT, has now been appointed as the CEO of the T News.

Sastry, a journalist from Guntur district, has earlier worked in E TV, Sakshi and N TV. While he has immaculate credentials to be the CEO of any media organization, an Andhra CEO to a channel that swears by Telangana is a paradox. Sources say Sastry, a known tough task master, is going to bring several changes in the working style of the T channel.

The channel did not have a CEO after its founding CEO Narayana Reddy was made an information commissioner. Meanwhile, T News Bureau Chief Srinivas too has reportedly resigned from the channel. Srinivas, an Andhraite who claims to be from Khammam district, is rumored to be in consideration for an MLC post.

An interesting development is that both the T News and the Namaste Telangana, the electronic and print media mouthpieces of the TRS, are now headed by Brahmins. The chief editor of the Namaste Telangana is Tigulla Krishna Murthy, a Brahmin from North Andhra.