T govt unable to pay rent for government offices for the past 25 months

Fri Sep 03 2021 11:37:01 GMT+0530 (IST)

Severe fund crunch and lack of revenues is making most government offices functioning out of rented premises default on paying monthly rents. In several cases, the rents have not been paid for the last 25 months. In many places, the owners of the houses are forcibly locking the government offices demanding that the rents are paid immediately.

Sources in the Telangana government say that the release of funds for the payments of the rents and maintenance of the buildings has become erratic after 2018. Files sent seeking release of funds are being returned with the remarks 'no funds' written on them. For instance, the Shamshabad excise superintendent has been forced out of his office due to nonpayment of monthly rent for over 25 months. In Sangareddy, Gummididala tehsildar's office has been locked by the owner due to non-payment of rent.

An official of the Telangana secretariat said that bills worth Rs 16 crore were pending for the payment of maintenance, including tea and newspaper bills in the offices across the state. Sources say that only 25 per cent of the 1350 schools and gurukuls have their own buildings. The remaining 75 per cent are operating from private premises. The government has 543 colleges under various organizations. Only 18 percent of them have their own buildings. Sources say that the Government has to pay close to Rs 150 crore to pay the rents of these schools and colleges.

The sanction for the fund release has to be cleared at the highest level due to which all the proposals for fund release are lying pending. The government claims that its revenues have fallen down due to Covid situation. With the income coming down considerably, the government is finding itself unable to pay the rents of the premises.