TDP, Jana Sena Alliance For Municipal Polls?

Wed Jul 24 2019 10:24:38 GMT+0530 (IST)

Fighting with its back to the wall, the beleaguered Telugu Desam Party in Andhra Pradesh is trying to clutch the proverbial last straw. It is now trying to clutch on to the Jana Sena party which too has faced most severe drubbing in the recently held assembly elections. And Why are they coming together? Both Jana Sena and the TDP want to stop the YSRCP Juggernaut  in the upcoming Municipal polls. They want to stop the victory march of the YSRCP and win as many seats as possible. This will give both the parties some breathing time to recuperate their strength.

The idea of a tieup with Jana Sena has come from TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu himself.  He knows that if the YSRCP sweeps the municipal polls, there would be further desertions from the party and the cadre will simply wither away. More ex-MLAs will try to look to other parties. The TDP would be left further weakened. By the time the panchayat polls are held the TDP would be much more emaciated and bereft of vote-catching leaders. So, he wants to stem the time and protect the TDP by joining hands with the Jana Sena. Even for Jana Sena, an alliance is very important for its survival. The party has just won one MLA seat and even party president Pawan Kalyan himself lost from the two constituencies he had contested.

So, come municipal elections, these two parties might come together and form an alliance to take on the might of the YSRCP.