TDP + Jana Sena - BJP = election victory?

Tue Jan 17 2023 13:44:34 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Has TDP boss Chandrababu Naidu decided to go ahead with an alliance with only Pawan Kalyan's Jana Sena and not with the BJP? Is he of the opinion that an alliance with the BJP is counter-productive at this juncture.  Is Chandrababu's decision influenced by a recent survey done by an agency?

If highly placed sources within the TDP are to be believed, a survey commissioned by an organization called Sri Atmasakshi has said that joining hands with the BJP could be suicidal for the TDP in AP. The survey said that the huge unpopularity of the BJP due to price rise, failure to give special packages and the privatization of the Vizag Steel Plant  will rub off on the TDP if  it joins hands with the TDP.

The survey said that if the TDP and Jana Sena come together, the TDP can win between 100 and 120 seats. But, if the TDP and Jana Sena join hands with the BJP, the number of seats that the alliance would win would be around 75 seats. This is well short of the absolute majority that the party needs to form the government, the survey said.

Sources say that Chandrababu too is coming to feel that joining hands with the BJP could prove counterproductive. Sources say that the survey has only confirmed his apprehensions. The survey conducted by the Sri Atmasakshi is now said to be the talk of the town in the TDP circles.