TDP Aiming To Beat YCP With It's Own Strategy?

Mon Aug 01 2022 18:02:12 GMT+0530 (IST)

Reddy and Kamma are the two dominant classes in Telugu politics and the fight between the two communities is not new. When the Reddy community is dominating Telugu politics, the late NTR changed the political scenario and since then, the fight between the communities has been going on.

The 2019 polls in divided Andhra Pradesh also saw this and as a big development, many leaders from the Kamma community shifted their loyalties to YSRCP and they are now with the party. The likes of Kodali Nani are now lashing out at the TDP and the party leaders. Besides the rivalry, YCP catered to leaders from other communities as well.

The opposition Telugu Desam Party which suffered a big loss in the 2019 polls and is hoping for a comeback in the next polls is trying to use the same trick reportedly. It has been reported that the TDP is making plans to beat YSRCP with its own strategy.

It is an open secret that the members of the Jagan community were given plum posts in the party. However, the leaders from various regions are believed to be not happy with the party as leaders from a particular region are being encouraged by the party.

Earlier we have seen how Minister Roja faced issues from fellow party leaders that too from her community. Finally, luck shined on her side and she was made the Cabinet Minister. If something went wrong, she would have not become the Minister.

Looking at Roja’s case, a few leaders from the community are not liking the alleged favoritism. Though they are not happy with this, they had no other option except for continuing with the party.

Looking at this, the opposition Telugu Desam Party is believed to be working on getting in touch with the leaders and inviting them into the party. We have to see whether the idea would work or not.