Why TDP Cadres Are Leaving Party In Drones?

Tue Jun 25 2019 13:39:57 GMT+0530 (IST)

The TDP, which looked invincible till the other day, today looks irreparably weak and emaciated. It looked so impregnable till yesterday, but is crumbling today. The crash down is so fast that in several mandals, the cadres have simply abandoned the party and are looking towards the BJP. Many leaders at the mandal and district level have begun negotiations with the BJP as they feel the party will offer them some kind of protection. In West Godavari, most of the former TDP MLAs are already in touch with the BJP top brass in Delhi. Former MLA Ambica Krishna's joining in the BJP is just the beginning, say political pundits. His brother Ambica Raja too might follow suit.

But, what is interesting is that BJP not just failed to win even a single seat in West Godavari, but could not get back its security deposits in all the places it contested. The total votes it polled are just 1 per cent. Yet, the people are looking at the BJP with hope. The TDP and Jana Sena leaders are looking to join the BJP.