TDP Corners YCP On Double Standards On Polavaram Compensation!

Mon Sep 19 2022 18:41:50 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

The Assembly sessions in Andhra Pradesh are going on with full intensity. The opposition Telugu Desam Party is making it tough for the ruling party by posting various questions. For the third consecutive day, the opposition party leaders were suspended from the house by the Speaker.

The TDP is not leaving any stone unturned to target the mighty YSRCP. Yet again, the opposition party cornered the government on the sensitive topic of the Polavaram project and the compensation for the oustees. The fight against the ruling party is going on outside the house too.

Cornering the YSRCP on how the party changed its stand on compensation, TDP senior leader Gorantla Butchiah Chowdary shared a video in which Jagan can be heard saying he will offer Rs 10 lakh per acre for the oustees. The video also has the version of Ambati Rambabu who now says Jagan did not give such an offer.

The clip is now being shared on social media and the TDP supporters are asking what made the YSRCP change its version after coming to power. Political experts are saying the opposition party hit the bull's eye in targeting the YSRCP.

As per the observers, TDP has cornered YSRCP on Polavaram and the compensation. The video clearly says the stand of the party before and after coming to power. Though the video shared by TDP is strong, we have to wait and see how the ruling party reacts.

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