Just 37 Seats For TDP Had If I Didn't Support!

Wed Nov 28 2018 14:14:11 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Pawan Kalyan didn't hesitate to say Telugu Desam Party wouldn't have won more than 37 seats had if he didn't support it in the 2014 Elections. He reiterated TDP would have been in the Opposition without his unconditional support.

In last elections, TDP won 102 out of 175 seats in Andhra Pradesh. Winning 29 out of 34 seats in Godavari Districts had really worked in favour of Telugu Desam. This wouldn't have been possible for Chandrababu & Co., if Pawan Kalyan had contested or remained neutral. At the same time, Nobody could exactly predict how many seats did TDP won only because of Pawan Kalyan.

In 2019 Polls, TDP and Jana Sena Party would be contesting elections without any alliance. Only then, People could know the actual calibre of these parties. Pawan will be proved wrong if TDP bags more than 37 seats. The judgement of PK will be proven right if the ruling party loses 1/3rd of its seats.