TDP Ex-MLA Criticises Pasupu Kumkuma Scheme

Tue Mar 26 2019 09:53:07 GMT+0530 (IST)

Nothing seems to be going well for Chandrababu Naidu. His meetings are sparsely attended and the crows have to be paid their daily Bhatta to attend his meetings. The candidates are fighting with their backs to the wall. To add to the woes, some of  his own party leaders and long time friends are exposing his failures. The otherday, Chandrababu was addressing an election meeting in Kadapa district's Rayachoti. The meeting was attended by party senior leader and former MLA Palakondrayudu.

When he was asked to speak, Rayudu came into his elements and said that some of the welfare schemes like Pasupu Kumkuma were frauds. The benefits are not reaching the real beneficiaries, he said and gave a couple of examples as to how the scheme was being misused. This was a huge embarrassment for Chandrababu and he asked those on the stage to take Palakondrayudu away. When Rayudu was being removed, the crowd booed and wanted that Rayudu be allowed to complete his speech. They backed Rayudu and shouted that schemes like Pasupu Kumkuma are being gobbled up by the TDP workers. The embarrassment was writ large on Chandrababu's face.