Enough Of Shocks, TDP Gives a big Shock to YSRCP!

Wed Jul 27 2022 15:18:43 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Since coming to power in Andhra Pradesh in the 2019 general polls, the YSRCP has been recording back-to-back successes in the polls. Irrespective of the size of the polls, it is crushing the opposition Telugu Desam Party with each passing election. By-elections, local body polls, Parishad elections, or Gram Panchayat polls, the same is the case.

Recently, the YSRCP gave a big shock to the Telugu Desam Party by defeating it in Kuppam local body polls. It was a big shock as Telugu Desam Party has been winning all the polls in Kuppam as the constituency was represented by Telugu Desam Party chief Nara Chandrababu Naidu.

As time won't remain favorable to one side all the time, the opposition Telugu Desam Party gave a big shock to the ruling party as the opposition party won the bank co-operative polls. Shockingly, the bank election happened in the region represented by Home Minister Taneti Vanitha.

Going into detail, the opposition Telugu Desam Party had won the Kovvur Co-operative Bank elections. Not just winning the elections. The opposition managed to win the polls unanimously. Telugu Desam Party leader Maddipatla Siva Ramakrishna was elected as the President of the Kovvuru co-operative bank.

The ruling YSRCP is unable to digit the election defeat as the polls were held in the Kovvur constituency which is represented by Home Minister Taneti Vanitha. Though she won the elections with a supermajority in the general elections, she could not make the party candidates win the polls.

The situation was tough for the YSRCP that the candidates did not show interest in running the polls reportedly. Looking at the anti-sentiment, the candidates are said to have decided to not run the polls.

Though it is a shock for the ruling party, what impact the bank elections will have on the general elections is the question here. Many political experts say that the ruling YSRCP is facing anti-sentiment and in the general polls, the same sentiment might get impacted.

The Telugu Desam Party sympathizers are feeling happy with the bank polls and they are hoping that the same would get reflected in the forthcoming general polls.