TDP Leader Found Selling Liquor Despite Lockdown

Sun Apr 05 2020 18:02:27 GMT+0530 (IST)

The TDP leaders are at it despite Corona. The liquor lobby, operated by some TDP worthies in Chittoor has been busted. Despite the Lockdown and despite the closure of the wine shops across the state, a TDP leader from Chittoor has brazenly been smuggling and selling liquor. The liquor sale was happening right inside his bar in the city.

On Saturday night, the police raided the NPS Bar and Restaurant in Kongareddypalle of Chittoor and recovered huge cache of liquor. The police also found that the liquor was being sold in the black market. The bar was found selling liquor bottle worth Rs 800 at Rs 4000. The police seized 960 beer bottles, 60 full bottls and registered a case against the manager.  The shop belongs to a local TDP leader.

Excise superintendent Madhusudhan Rao, AES Govind Naik, CIs Purushottam Reddy, Bhaskar Reddy and Yugandhar participated in the raids.