TDP Attacks Vijaysai Reddy For Kapu Votes

Mon Dec 16 2019 10:58:09 GMT+0530 (IST)

The Opposition Telugu Desam Party is seriously alarmed over the erosion in its Kapu voter base. The Kapus, who have traditionally been with the TDP, are now moving away from the community. Several Kapu leaders , including Thota Thrimurthulu, have joined the YSRCP and the voters have already shifted to the YSRCP in a big way. Several Kapu leaders, who have been with the TDP, are now inactive in the party and are not even bothering to attend the review meetings called by Chandrababu Naidu.

Ever since YS Jagan became the CM, several measures have been initiated to benefit the Kapus. This has left the TDP more confused and concerned. So, when Minister Avanthi Srinivas organised an Atmeeya Sammelanam of  the Kapus, the TDP was ready with a plan to disrupt the meeting. Rajya Sabha MP and YSRCP general secretary Vijaysai Reddy was the chief guest at the meeting. In fact, it showed the importance that the YSRCP was giving to the Kapu community.

But, some TDP elements tried to make Vijaysai Reddy's presence an issue. They argued that a non-Kapu should not be present at the Atmeeya Sammelanam of the Kapus and shouted slogans against him. They tried to make a big issue of this. But, they got very little support as majority of the Kapus backed the presence of Vijaysai Reddy. Vijaysai Reddy himself spoke in a very friendly and conciliatory tone. He pacified the protesters. At the end, barely a handful of diehard TDP workers remained  and all others supported Vijaysai Reddy. Needless to say, the TDP men were disappointed as their plan has not worked at all.