TDP Leaders Fed Up With Babu's Press Conferences

Sat Aug 08 2020 08:56:38 GMT+0530 (IST)

The Telugu Desam leaders, activists and even diehard supporters are done with the way the TDP boss is holding press conferences. Many of them feel these are mere exercises in futility and nothing much can be achieved by those verbal extravaganzas that literally mean nothing and achieve nothing but zilch.

Several senior TDP leaders feel that one cannot fight for Amaravati just by addressing the media. One needs to get on to the ground and organized agitations. While many TDP worthies suffer in silence and some raise murmurs, Vijayawada MP Kesineni Nani has gone a step ahead and said that nothing much can be achieved through mere media conferences. In a hard-hitting tweet, he said that those affected should come on to the streets and wage a battle. He said mere media conferences achieve nothing. This tweet is believed to be directed against none other than Chandrababu himself.

Nani is known to be very stinging on the way the TDP is being run. In the past too, he had strongly opposed giving of party's parliamentary leadership to MPs younger than him. He also raised a banner of revolt against Chandrababu Naidu on this issue. Though he has been keeping a low profile for the past few months, he appears to be veering towards the opinion that enough is enough. He wants the TDP to get into the fight mode. Is Chandrababu listenining?