NTR's Craze In TDP Meetings

Thu Jan 16 2020 14:22:16 GMT+0530 (IST)

Ever since the TDP lost the elections cheaply in the 2019 general elections, the TDP sympathizers thought that this is the right time for Jr. NTR to take over the party. The TDP leaders who left the party and joined the YSRCP also mentioned that fearing NTR might take over the party, Chandrababu kept NTR distance from the party.

Even the political thinkers cite that NTR can handle the party as he possesses all the abilities to lead the party like attracting the masses like how his grandfather, TDP founder late Sr. NTR did.

During the 2014 elections, he did fierce campaigning for the party which helped the TDp to gain some crucial seats. Later he met with an accident and the following events resulted in a gap between NTR and TDP.

After the demise of Sr. NTR, Chandrababu Naidu declared himself as the party chief and ever since he is handling the party. After the loss in the 2019 elections, fans are expecting that the leadership should be transferred from Naidu to NTR as Naidu has become old now.

While the reference of NTR is taking place in recent politics, a Flexi in Prakasham district stole the whole limelight. The matter in the Flexi states that NTR will be the next CM of AP in 2024 and fans ever made slogans supporting NTR.