TDP Link To YSRCP Leader's Murder

Fri Jul 03 2020 10:14:41 GMT+0530 (IST)

The shady hand of the Telugu Desam leaders in the gruesome murder of senior YSRCP activist Moka Bhaskar Rao has now come to light, thus confirming the worst fears of a TDP involvement. The police have arrested TDP leader Chinta Chinni and two of his accomplices in connection with the murder.

Chinta Chinni is a well-known supporter and follower of former minister and TDP leader Kollu Ravindra. Chinni has been a sworn political rival of Rao for quite sometime and is said to have killed Rao to establish himself as the leader in Machilipatnam area. Moka Bhaskar Rao was the former chairperson of the Machilipatnam market yard.  He was killed in broad daylight on June 29. Sources said that the police would soon question few others in connection with the case.

YSRCP leader and minister in Jagan cabinet Perni Venkat Ramiah aka Nani is a protege of Bhaskar Rao. Nani wept inconsolably on seeing the blood-soaked body of his political guru.