Tdp Man Shaves Half Mustache Over Party Rout In Nellore

Thu Nov 18 2021 13:20:21 GMT+0530 (IST)

Stung by the stunning defeat in Nellore corporation elections, a TDP leader has taken a bizarre vow. He has half-tonsured his head and half shaved his mustache. He has announced that he would remain half tonsured and half shaved till Chandrababu comes to power in AP. He will also carry a slate which will ask voters to bring back Babu and defeat Jagan.

The leader undertaking this bizarre protest is Kappera Srinivasulu. He alleged that the YSRCP has pumped in crores of rupees to win the Nellore civic body. He said that he has spent crores of rupees to win Division No 49 and 50. He said that he would be in this strange deeksha till Chandrababu was voted back to power.  Srinivasulu is now the talk of the town in Nellore.

The TDP was completely decimated in Nellore municipal corporation elections. The YSRCP has made a whitewash of the corporation by winning all the seats. Of the 54 divisions, the party had won eight seats unopposed. In the remaining 46 divisions, it trounced the TDP. It has won all the seats with convincing majorities. The corporation has no opposition whatsoever in any form in Nellore.

Soon after the results were out, Srinivsulu shaved off half of his mustache and half shaved his head. He said he would remain this way till the YSRCP is defeated and Chandrababu is brought back to power.