TDP Seeing YCP MLA's Daughter as Potential Candidate?

Sat May 28 2022 17:42:11 GMT+0530 (IST)

The opposition Telugu Desam Party is busy celebrating the two-day event Mahanadu. Compared to the previous edition, the annual event is special for the party and the leaders gave their best in making arrangements. The second day of the Mahanadu event collides with the birth anniversary of NTR, founder of the TDP.

Bringing in a lot of josh for the Telugu Desam Party, YSRCP MLA's daughter and her husband met party National Secretary Nara Lokesh. This is super news as far as the party is concerned. With the by-election expected to be held any time, the new development had raised many heads.

YSRCP MLA Anam Ram Narayana Reddy's daughter Kaivalya Reddy met Lokesh along with her husband. This added fuel to the opinion that Kaivalya might join the opposition party and the recent visit goes along the same lines.

As the Atmakur by-election is likely to be held soon, the recent meeting is seen with the election by the political experts. With TDP focusing on reviving the party, many think that Kaivalya Reddy would join the party and might also run the by-polls.

Hailing from the Anam family, Kaivalya is not new to politics and she is a noted face. If her image and the cadre the Telugu Desam Party enjoys on the grounds can complement each other. Then TDP would win the poll and it can at least give a tough competition. We have to wait and see what TDP will do.