TDP + Jana Sena combo to take on Kodali Nani in Gudivada?

Thu May 25 2023 11:13:16 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Firebrand YSRCP MLA and former minister Kodali Nani appears to be on a rough ride these days. The going for Nani in his borough of Gudivada is said to be quite tough this time and Nani, who never tasted defeat so far, could be in for a shock in the 2024 elections. Political watchers say that changing political equations and new alignments could spell disaster for this loudmouth leader this time around.

Though a blue-blooded Kamma, Nani never depended on Kamma votes in Gudivada. Instead, he always banked on the Kapu, Dalit and BC votes.  Gudivada has around 35000 Kapus and almost a lakh of SC and BC votes. These two communities have always stood rock-solid behind Kodali Nani all these days. His victories were also due mainly to the support from these social groups.

The TDP, which is determined to defeat Nani by hook or crook is trying to work in the SC and the BC communities. As a result, the BC and SC votes could be divided. As for the Kapu votes, the TDP is trying to bring in the Jana Sena. If there is an alliance between the TDP and the Jana Sena, then the latter could sway the Kapu votes away from Nani. This could spell disaster for Nani.

Till now, Nani has been winning from Gudivada on reasonably okay margins. He had in the past won by 11000, 17000 and 19000 votes margin. TDP's Ravi Venkateswara Rao has been his traditional rival from Gudivada. If the Kapu and the BC votes get divided, then Nani's winning chances would be greatly diminished. As a result, Ravi Venkateswara Rao may scrape through with a slender margin in the 2024 elections, say political analysts.