Talk Of Town: Campaigning On Stretcher In AP!

Mon Apr 08 2019 14:31:58 GMT+0530 (IST)

Few Leaders won't give up the fight even if they face any kind of hurdles. The determination shown by Mantralayam TDP Candidate Tikka Reddy has earned him some recognition.

As part of the election campaigning, Tikka Reddy visited Khagallu in Mantralayam Constituency. A scuffle took place between TDP and YCP Activists at that time. Quickly, Tikka Reddy's Gunman opened fire to bring the situation under control. He, however, ended up shooting on the leg of Tikka Reddy. The TDP Candidate filed his nomination by arriving in a special ambulance.

Tikka Reddy decided to campaign on the stretcher as he isn't in a position to move his leg. A stretcher was attached to his campaign vehicle according to his convenience.

Whether the sympathy will be converted into votes to help Tikka Reddy emerge victorious? or YCP Candidate will have the last laugh? Wait till May 23rd, 2019!