TDP leader Achennayudu Car met with Accident, his finger fractured

Sat Nov 30 2019 12:32:22 GMT+0530 (IST)

While the shocking news of road accidents is creating uneasiness among the public on the safety measures on the roads. One more news of accidents erupted recently.

Senior TDP leader Achennayudu's car has hit a divider on the National Highway near Nakkapallai in the Vishaka district.

Going into the details, he was traveling to Vizag from Amaravati on Friday evening. The incident took place around 10:15 at night. A bike came opposite his vehicle. The car driver hit the divider while trying to avoid the bike.

Achennayudu's little finger was fractured severely and the front part of the car was smashed. Nakkapalli C.I Vijay Kumar rushed him to Nakkapalli hospital.

Srikakulam TDP MP, Ram Mohan Naidu took to Twitter to say that there is nothing to worry about the leader's condition and he is healthy.

"There is nothing to worry @katchannaidu garu is safe and healthy. All your love and prayers protected Babai from this accident, he is in vizag and there is absolutely nothing to worry," read his Tweet.

After knowing about the incident, TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu called him and asked about his condition.