TDP leader arrested in Ganja Smuggling

Wed Jan 12 2022 11:56:56 GMT+0530 (IST)

Aisha Sharma Gorgeous PicturesIn a shocking incident, a prominent Telugu Yuvatha leader was arrested while smuggling Ganja from Vizag. He was intercepted near Srungavarapu Kota in Vizianagaram district and upon searching, the police recovered 25 kg of ganja from him. He has been identified as Harikrishna, the president of the Telugu Yuvatha,  the youth wing of the TDP for Puttur in Chittoor district.

Harikrishna is believed to be a close associate of YSRCP leader from Nagari, Gali Bhanu Prakash.  The YSRCP organized a press conference in Puttur and said that Bhanu Prakash must explain the role of his follower Harikrishna in ganja smuggling. They said that Bhanu Prakash never tires of criticizing Nagari MLA RK Roja. Now he must explain what his camp follower has done in  Vizianagaram.

The YSRCP said that while the TDP was involved in liquor and sand smuggling so far. Now, they have extended their business interests to Ganja smuggling. They are now trying to adopt the 'get-rich-quick' mode and make a fast buck.

It may be recalled that several TDP lower level cadre were found to be involved in call money racket, prostitution rings and also in liquor smuggling. Several have already been arrested and are facing cases. The YSRCP leaders furnished a photograph of Harikrishna taking a selfie with Nara Lokesh.