TDP leader caught with pants down in a tin shed

Mon Nov 22 2021 17:18:43 GMT+0530 (IST)

In a shocking incident, a key TDP leader has been caught in the act while he was with a prostitute. The police have taken this leader into custody. The issue has created quite a sensation in the Amaravati area. The incident has left the Opposition TDP leaders red-faced.

The Tulluru police on Sunday arrested Chilaka Basavaiah for being involved in a prostitution racket. The police came to know that Basavaiah was involved with prostitutes and caught him with his pants down. A woman too was arrested. He was caught in the act in a road-side tin shed between Moduga Lingayapalem and Rayapudi . The woman in question too has been taken into custody.

Basavaiah is the leader of the Amaravati Dalit JAC and has been a TDP functionary too. He is said to be playing a key role in mobilising Dalit women and men for the Amaravati agitation. Sources say that the arrested woman too is part of the Dalit JAC protests. Sources say that he was luring women with the promise of providing political positions and was turning them into flesh trade. There were allegations galore against Basavaiah on this count.