TDP leader flees village with chit fund amount

Sun Dec 05 2021 18:51:27 GMT+0530 (IST)

In a shocking incident, a key TDP leader in West Godavari, who has duped several people in the name of chit funds, has gone missing. Sources say he has fled with Rs 7 crore cash. The incident occurred in Atlapadu village of Nidadavole mandal of West Godavari district.

According to the police, Tirumalla Ranjit Kumar, a senior politician from the mandal and the deputy sarpanch of Atlapadu, has been in the business of running chit funds for quite some time. Since he has been in the business for years, the locals trusted him and joined his chit funds. Many have invested heavily in his chit funds.

He has collected the funds to a tune of Rs 7 crores and suddenly fled from the village. His house has been locked and his cell phone switched off. None of his family members are also seen. Now it has become clear that he has run away from the village with the money collected from gullible investors.

His customers have now approached the police with complaints of siphoning off of funds. The locals are shocked at this action of a politician who is locally well-known. Even TDP workers too had invested in his chit funds. They too are unable to explain his mysterious disappearance.