TDP leaders attack police in Guntur

Wed Jan 22 2020 14:45:11 GMT+0530 (IST)

With the government announcing the 'Three capitals' bill in the Andhra Pradesh Assembly, the Amaravati JAC has called for a bundh to which TDP leaders and farmers extended their support and participated in the protests.

With farmers and the public turning up in huge numbers in the protests, the police have stalled the protests and arrested the protesters who participated in the protests. This led to a heated war of words between the TDP leaders and policemen.

In a heated situation, the TDP leader held DSP Sitaramaiah's collar turning up the political heat. The policemen who felt embarrassed with leaders holding DSP's collar retaliated to the leaders.

Following this tense situation, the police gave strict orders to the public to not participate in any protests as there is no permission to stage protests and said those who will break these rules will be arrested.

Stating that Students, Employees and the rural area public in Guntur will face problems, police urged the JAC to call off the bandh.