TDP To Go Empty In Two More Months?

Tue Jun 11 2019 10:38:35 GMT+0530 (IST)

Is the TDP going to be fully emptied in the coming two months? Will it be bereft of any leader of some standing in the days to come? Likely, say TDP watchers. They said that many TDP biggies have already began talking to the BJP and are said to be working out their deals with the national BJP leadership. Shockingly for Chandrababu Naidu, most of those planning to leave the party are from Rayalaseema, his home region. Among those in talks with the BJP are some of his most trusted lieutenants. More worrisome is the fact that leaders from other regions like North Andhra too are said to be in touch with the BJP.

Another shocker for Chandrababu Naidu is that even sitting MLAs, especially those with business interests, are said to be looking towards the BJP. Some have reportedly fixed the dates of their joining. If sources are to be beleaved, the TDP would be left with just four or five MLAs in about to months.

So, the BJP would do to the TDP what the TRS has done in Telangana. Wait for exciting news reports on the TDP Front in the days to come.