TDP pretty sure of winning this seat in North Andhra in 2024

Tue Jun 14 2022 10:11:55 GMT+0530 (IST)

The TDP, which is making a strong bid to come back to power in Andhra Pradesh, is strongly of the opinion that it would do extremely well in Srikakulam district. The party feels that the tidings are favourable and the party has everything going in its favour is Srikakulam. The party already has two of the eight assembly constituencies in its kitty and feels that it can sweep by winning all the eight seats in the 2024 elections.

TDP thinking heads feel that the party is comfortably placed in Etcherla constituency. The four mandals in the constituency - Etcherla, Laveru, Ranasthalam and G Sigadam - are said to be veering towards the TDP. Sources say that many of those who voted for the YSRCP in the last elections, are in a mood to come back to the TDP. Several have already rejoined the TDP.

Sources say that there is heavy anti-incumbency against sitting YSRCP MLA Gorle Kiran Kumar. Sources say he has thoroughly alienated the local YSRCP cadre and the public at large. The MLA has not called on his cadre in the last three years. In fact, the anger against the MLA is so strong that the YSRCP cadre themselves have prevented the MLA from visiting the villages as part of the Gadapa Gadapaku programme

Sources say that several of the YSRCP cadres, who are unhappy with the MLA's style of functioning, are inching closer to the TDP. Former state TDP president Kimidi Kala Venkat Rao, who had lost in the 2019 elections, is now working hard to turn the table. He has sent clear signals to the party that he would contest in the 2024 elections from Etcherla.

In the event of he not getting the party ticket, his son Ram Mallik Naidu could contest. Another TDP leader Kalisetti Appalanaidu, who has the backing of present TDP president for AP, Kinjarapu Atchen Naidu, is also vying to contest from Etcherla. Party sources are confident that the TDP would win easily from Etcherla if the leaders put up a united fight.