TDP Sees Caste In Everything Jagan Does

Mon Jul 06 2020 12:18:03 GMT+0530 (IST)

Pot calling kettle black is an old adage. One is reminded of this adage when the TDP is launching a tirade calling the ruling YSRCP a casteist party. Ever since  the YSRCP came to power, the  TDP has been accusing it as a casteist party that works only for the benefit of one particular caste.

The truth is many capable leaders belonging to the so-called caste have been denied ministries purely because Jagan did not want only one caste to dominate the ministry. As a result, several leaders, despite being capable, had to remain as MLAs . Even in the appointment of deputy CMs, Jagan tried to follow the principle of social justice. Despite this, the TDP is trying to stigmatise the YSRCP as casteist. Interestingly, during the TDP regime, all contracts, awarding of schemes, extending of benefits and government largesse was done on the bases of the caste. It is true that only one caste benefited during the Chandrababu rule. Yet, it does not baulk at accusing the YSRCP of being casteist.

The TDP's latest attack is on the appointment of Vijaysai Reddy, YV Subba Reddy and Sajjala Ramakrishna  Reddy as party incharges. They have been appointed to party posts, not to government posts. Yet, the TDP seems bent on attacking this purely organizational arrangement.