TDP self-goal leads YSRCP to victory in Nellore

Thu Nov 18 2021 14:43:56 GMT+0530 (IST)

The Nellore debacle has left the opposition TDP benumbed. The party is shell-shocked at the outcome of the election. It was a complete whitewash for the TDP. Not one of the party candidates could register a victory. The Nellore Municipal Corporation council has no opposition. Where did the TDP go wrong?

Political watchers say that the anti-incumbency was growing in Nellore. Several sections of the society were unhappy with the YSRCP government. The YSRCP was a deeply divided house in Nellore. There were deep differences within the Reddy community leaders. But, the TDP has completely failed to capitalize on these. It failed to take advantage of the situation.

The TDP initially made local leader Beeda Ravichandra the incharge for the elections. But soon, other leaders were brought in. Somireddy Chandramohan Reddy, who is known for the spate of electoral failures, was also given a key post. Then leaders from other districts such as NImmakayala Chinna Rajappa were brought in. All this has left the cadre confused. Decision making became very difficult. The party leaders did nothing even when eight of the candidates succumbed to the YSRCP pressure and withdrawn from the contest.

Overall, the party did not take the elections to Nellore municipal corporation seriously. There was no support for the candidates. All these have given an advantage to the YSRCP. As a result, the YSRCP registered a stupendous victory in Nellore.