TDP seniors gripped by "Robin" fear

Thu Dec 01 2022 12:16:27 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

TDP leaders across the state are now gripped by a new fever. They are calling this Robin Sharma fever. Now that poll strategist has begun an exhaustive survey of each and every constituency in the state to identify the winning candidates for the 2024 elections, there is trepidation and doubt in the minds of the TDP ticket aspirant, including even senior leaders.

Robin Sharma has taken several parameters for the survey and the most important one is winnability. He is said to be preparing a list of candidates who have the capability to win the elections. No wonder, several seniors, who have been losing consecutive elections are a worried lot. The Robin Sharma list might possibly omit their names.

For instance, senior leader and former minister Somireddy Chandramohan Reddy has been on a continuous losing spree. He had to be made an MLC so as to be included in the Chandrababu cabinet. He has lost from Sarvepalli continuously for the last four times. It is likely that his name could be omitted this time.

Several other seniors too are fearing that their names might not be included in the list of TDP candidates in 2024. Even Nara Lokesh has indicated in the party Mahanadu that winnability and not past reputation would be the sole criterion for the 2024 elections.  He said this applies to even the biggest names in the party.