TDP workers shocked at Jagan filling 137 nominated posts

Mon Jul 19 2021 16:30:52 GMT+0530 (IST)

The announcement of  as many as 137 nominated posts by the YSRCP government has caused a flutter in the unlikeliest quarter. It’s the TDP which is discussing about the nominated posts. The TDP workers are now asking: If there are no many posts, why did Chandrababu never filled them. What was the reason for his not filling them.

During the Chandrababu regime, people like Narayana , who worked like a shadow financer and never really stepped out into the open, were suddenly pulled out and were offered plum posts. They literally dictated the terms and became all powerful. Only those belonging to one particular social group were favoured and the others were mercilessly left out. Ditto with women leaders in the party.

He did promise nominated posts to several key workers. But, he made them wait for nearly four and a half years. Finally he gave nominated posts a couple of months before going to elections. As a results, by the time these persons settled in their positions, the government has changed and they were left with no powers whatsoever. ‘

On the other hand, YS jagan has given priority to SC, ST, BC and women in filling 137 posts.  Interestingly, it was done within two years of coming to power. Priority was given to those who were denied party tickets and to those who toiled for the party. Thus the party workers will get at least two years to implement policies and help the people.

The TDP leaders are shocked to know that there were so many posts. They were also pleasantly surprised at the way those who had worked for the party are being rewarded. As one TDP worker said, there is future for the YSRCP workers who work sincerely and help the party grow. On the contrary, nothing was done by Chandrababu by way of rewarding the sincere workers, he said.