TDP Fights With Itself In Kurnool

Mon Mar 18 2019 19:53:31 GMT+0530 (IST)

Kurnool TDP is witnessing a very exciting war of nerves. Chandrababu is yet to decide the candidats for several seats and one of them is Kurnool Assembly seat. This is one of the hardest fought seats and there is intense fight within the TDP for this seat.

Among the contenders are the famed TG family and the redoubtable SV Mohan Reddy. If one gets the party ticket, the other is bound to ensure the defeat of others. So, Chandrababu is in a dilemma and the candidate is not yet announced. But, both the contenders are supremely confident that they will have their way. TG's son TG Bharat has already launched his campaign and has started door-to-door mass contact. SV too has been organising meetings of his supporters. Both are claiming that they would get the ticket. But, as of now, Chandrababu is keeping cards close to his chest.

All this has caused utter confusion among the TDP ranks. They are not clear as to who is the official candidate. But one thing is clear. If one gets the ticket, the other will simply leave the party. So, the hottest topic of discussion is who will remain in the party and who will leave.

Meanwhile, the YSRCP has given the ticket to a person belonging to the minority community and is working hard to get the majority in the seat.