TRS Brings Another Tax Hike, Middle Class to Face Heat!

Tue May 10 2022 17:17:42 GMT+0530 (IST)

The TRS party which had the credit of playing a vital role in the Telangana movement and forming a government for two consecutive terms never misses an opportunity to flaunt the growth and development of the state. In one instance, KCR said that Telangana is the best state in terms of development.

Despite doing well as being said by the government, the taxes are affecting the consumers in the state. The government is not ready to reduce the state tax on fuel as it is one of the key income sources for the government.

Adding another doubt about the alleged well-being of the state, the Telangana government had come up with a new decision of increasing the life tax for the vehicles. From now on, the vehicles that are below Rs 5 lakh will be costly and the consumers will have to pay an extra amount.

The vehicles below the range of Rs 5 lakh come with a life tax of 13 percent. As the price goes up, the tax percentage increases. Over Rs 5 lakh(14 percent), over Rs 10 lakh(17 percent), and over Rs 20 lakh(18 percent) are the new changes the consumers have to pay if they buy new vehicles.

During the Covid times, we have seen how the people in the state had a tough time with the electricity bills. With the linemen not coming to houses due to the Covid scare, the bill was generated without any parameters and in the end, people had to suffer from that.