KCR's scheme: Master Plan Or Risky Gamble

Wed Aug 15 2018 12:04:58 GMT+0530 (IST)

KCR's word may be law in Telangana, but not all his decisions get partymen's full backing. There are many skeptics who still believe that KCR's decision to advance Assembly polls and face Lok Sabha polls soon after winning Assembly polls may not be right. His announcement of holding a massive public meeting in September and then announcing the names of the candidates soon after has become a hot topic of discussion in Telangana and within the TRS in particular.

KCR is a master strategist and without doubt is the cleverest politician around. He plans things so very well that the end result is always what he wants. He has plotted things in such a way that Telangana fell into his lap like a ripe fruit in 2014 leaving Congress and the BJP in the wilderness for five long years.

Many are questioning in hushed tones as to whether this was a right decision. They say that facing two big elections within a few months may not be a right idea. While some parrot the old lines like KCR is always right, many feel it could be a very high-risk gamble. The 'aye' men say KCR must definitely have a master plan and argue that if the assembly is won, winning the Lok Sabha would be a cakewalk. But, off camera, they say it might backfire badly.