TRS Party's "floral" Formula To Win Huzurnagar Bypoll

Fri Oct 04 2019 11:37:03 GMT+0530 (IST)

How to win elections in Telangana? KCR's tried and trusted formula has been to whip up Telangana sentiment among the voters. And how is he going to do that in Huzurnagar? Well! He has an ace up his sleeve and that ace is Batukamma festival, the festival of flowers. Instead of long-winding speeches and fiery orations, he wants to win Huzurabad with the help of the flowers.

So, KCR pulled out his hibernating daughter Kavitha Kalwakuntla and asked her to hold Batukamma festivals in all the 141 villages of Huzurnagar constituency. So, Kavitha's Telangana Jagruthi has taken upon the task of holding Batukamma festivals. These festivals will be big and will involve the women of the villages. Using the Batukamma way, the Telangana Jagruthi, a pet peeve of Kavitha, will influence the voters.  These festivals will be held till October 6. Thus, every village will be contacted and influenced by the TRS.

Interestingly, the Congress has a woman candidate. But, till now there are no plans to organise Batukamma festivals and reach out to the voters. The BJP too is yet to plan. So, it's advantage TRS thanks to the floral festival of Batukamma.