TRS Spoils Bandi Sanjay's Schedule of Padayatra!

Mon Nov 28 2022 11:10:24 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Padyatra has a rich legacy in Telugu land. Leaders who went for the yatra eventually made it to the Chief Minister's post. Even Congress's former chief Rahul Gandhi's ongoing Bharat Jodo yatra is very close to the concept of Padayatra. In both yatras, the idea is to meet people and know their problems.

The Telangana wing of the Bharatiya Janata Party is also using the same yatra to increase its mileage. Chief of BJP for Telangana State Bandi Sanjay Kumar started a massive yatra which is going on in a phased manner.

While Bandi Sanjay Wants to start his fifth phase of the yatra, no permission was granted and he was arrested as per the information. To start the yatra, Bandi Sanjay headed to Nirmal. However, he was stopped at Thatipalli region and was taken into custody.

But the Telangana government spoiled Bandi Sanjay's plans as the Nirmal Police did not grant permission. Not just for the yatra, the public meeting was also not granted.

The Police department said that the Bhainsa area in which Bandi Sanjay Kumar wants to hold the meeting and start the yatra is a communally sensitive region and keeping the law and order situation under control no permission was granted.

Reacting to the same Bandi Sanjay Kumar alleged a conspiracy behind this as the Police denied permission at the last second. He said that he made all the arrangements for the meeting and yatra. The Telangana Bharatiya Janata Party President Bandi Sanjay also said that the party leaders earlier spoke to the Superintendent of Police.

The schedule says that the yatra would conclude on the 17th of December and the fifth phase of the yatra would cover a big distance of around 220 kilometers. The Yatra will be started after holding a big meeting in Bhainsa. After seeking the blessings of Adelli Pochamma temple the meeting would be held. But the total schedule collapsed.

The Bhainsa town is one of the communally tense regions in the state. On many occasions the Hindu and Muslim communities had fights. Even for the Shobha Yatra on the eve of Srirama Navami the Hindu body had to move the High Court to get permission. Police forces were deployed in big numbers as a safety measure.