TRS and BJP leaders indulge in a war of words

Wed Feb 05 2020 18:16:05 GMT+0530 (IST)

BJP and TRS MPs have done it yet again.MPs of both the parties locking horns with each other is not a new thing. They don’t leave any possible situation to counter other party leaders.

The Centre announced the establishment of a regional spices board in Nizamabad recently and the news has led to a war of words between BJP MP Dharmapuri Arvind and TRS MPs K.Keshav Rao and MLA Jeevan Reddy.

Both the party leaders accused each other of the government schemes. While the BJP MP Arvind said that center has announced funds and houses for the needy people and KCR and KTR are accusing the BJP of not grating any schemes for the state.

To this K. Keshav Rao responded boldly and said the BJP is using communal politics in the state and trying its level best to stop the schemes to get announced to the state.

Even TRS MLA Jeevan Reddy has also lashed out at the saffron party for confusing the people with the announcement of the spices board.

“The Centre has announced just Spices Board Regional office, not the Turmeric board. Already there are six such regional offices and the Centre has promised to establish this office in 2018. The state government has allotted land for this too,” the MLA said.