TRS beats BJP fair and square ahead of its National Executive Meet

Fri Jul 01 2022 09:33:45 GMT+0530 (IST)

While the BJP was busy running campaigns on social media like "Saalu Dora Selavu Dora" asking KCR to step down , the TRS drew first blood by denying the BJP space on Metro pillars and hoardings across the city. Even before the BJP could recover from this shock, it snatched away four GHMC corporators and the floor leader of the Tandur municipality from the BJP.

On a day when the BJP was gloating over the confirmation that former MP Konda Visweswar Reddy would join the party, the TRS robbed its happiness by staging this coup.  Konda has already left the TRS and had even contested on a Congress ticket in 2019. So, his joining or not joining the BJP is of no importance to the TRS.

But, the way four coroprators of the GHMC were lured into the BJP showed the chinks in the BJP armour. Interestingly, these four corporators were part of the team of corporators who attended Modi's recent address to the corporators and councillors across the country. In Tandur, the floor leader himself defected to the TRS.

Clearly, the TRS is likely to pull off more surprises on Friday and Saturday as the BJP's national executive gets underway. Let alone getting people from other parties into the BJP, the party may end up losing its leaders to the TRS.  The departure of the four corporators from the GHMC could seriously affect the mobilization of the crowds for the PM's address at the Parade Grounds on Sunday.