TRS chief KCR will also be welcomed if he wants to join BJP!

Wed Jun 16 2021 19:47:52 GMT+0530 (IST)

Etela joining the Bharatiya Janata Party(BJP) has rocked the Telangana wing of the party after a few leaders questioned why he was welcomed into the party. The internal issues in the party have reached a level that top brass leaders have to step in to sort out the issues.

Looks like the mantra to bring the top leadership to deal with the differences has worked well for the party as the leaders, who reportedly opposed the move to welcome Etela changed their tone.

Earlier media reports claimed that the present BJP leader and former TDP leader Enugala Peddi Reddy might bid goodbye to the party as he is not happy with Etela wearing the party shawl. Peddi Reddy served as a Minister earlier.

It is said that Peddi Reddy met his followers and supporters on how to go ahead with his next political decision. After the meeting, he had decided to not quit the BJP party.

Talking about Etela joining the party, the former Minister said, everyone, is welcomed to join the party. Even KCR is welcomed to join the party.

Adding further, Peddi Reddy said, the BJP party will pick the candidate to contest the elections. Besides Etela, several leaders including me are ready to take up the party's call, he said.