TRS Free Water Sop Will Not Help The Middle Class?

Thu Nov 26 2020 13:41:59 GMT+0530 (IST)

The TRS has made the big announcement of free drinking water upto 20000 litres to the citizens. This is part of the GHMC election promise. But,  this will not be benefiting the middle and the upper class voters who live in over 6000 gated communities, apartments and townships.

Experts say that this will only benefit four lakh people living in the 1800 notified slums in the twin cities.  Till now, they have been paying small amounts. Those amounts would be waived off now. Since flats and apartments get water from a single and unified source or pipe, the amount used is definitely much more than 20000 litres. Which means, they will have to pay the bills. According to sources, over 4 lakh consumers will not be able to enjoy the largesse announced by KCR.

As a result, those who pay the taxes promptly to the government will he shelling more for water cess and other taxes, while those in the lower income group keep getting exemptions galore. This sop is aimed at getting the votes of the lower income group people, say analysts.