TRS operations are designed and dictated by KCR: Etela Rajender!

Sun May 02 2021 12:17:49 GMT+0530 (IST)

Minister Etela Rajender, who faced back-to-back setbacks in the land grabbing row over, from Saturday has made sensational comments on the functionality in the TRS party in his recent interview.

Talking to a leading Telugu News channel that also runs a newspaper, Etela Rajender said, Ministers don't have the freedom to make decisions, and all the operations in TRS are designed and dictated by KCR.

Etela Rajender alleged that land grabbing allegations against him were preplanned and prior orders were given to people who made allegations against him and based on the orders, the entire episode is going on based on the planning.

He reportedly said that KCR is not the person he used to be during the Telangana agitation and the activists, who were part of the agitation, were being sidelined in the party by the Chief Minister.

Terming these allegations as a character assassin, Etela said those who are behind the conspiracy will come out soon. I am not guilty in this episode, I am ready for investigation by a sitting judge or any investigation agency, he said.

'It would have been good if KCR had called me and asked about these allegations. He would have warned me. Is it good to carry out stories against me in TV channels without proper evidence?,' Etela said in the interview.