TRS planning for snap polls, wants to repeat 2018?

Tue Jun 14 2022 10:33:37 GMT+0530 (IST)

It appears highly likely that Telangana CM and TRS boss KCR can go for early polls once again. He has done it in 2018 and might do it again. Last time, he dissolved the assembly and went for polls nine months ahead of schedule. If highly placed sources are to be believed, KCR might opt for the same and go for early polls.

Lending credence to this argument, TRS working president KTR has recently asked the party cadres to be prepared for polls 'whenever they are held.' This is being seen as an early warning to the party cadres and leaders to be prepared for the snap polls.

One strong reason that is being given by the TRS sources is that the party leadership is of the strong opinion that having both assembly and Parliament elections at the same time could be detrimental for the TRS. The Modi factor will hit the TRS hard. TRS sources remind that the very same TRS, which won a landslide in 2018, failed to sweep the Lok Sabha elections next year. The BJP had won four and the Congress three MP seats, leaving just nine seats for the TRS.

Sources also say that the TRS wants to catch the BJP and the Congress off guard by going in for early polls. In 2018 too, the TRS managed to overcome a strong anti-incumbency mood by going in for early polls. The opposition was caught unawares and unprepared. This gave advantage to the ruling TRS, which romped home with an increased majority.