TRS trying to beat BJP in social media game

Sun Feb 28 2021 17:32:24 GMT+0530 (IST)

The ruling TRS and the Congress party are finding themselves at a disadvantage on the social media. The BJP is stealing the march over the two other parties with its incisive posts, memes, comments and videos. As a result, the BJP social media campaign for the Graduates Constituency MLC election is fast running out to be a one-sided affair.

The TRS is leading the mainstream media like the print and the electronic media. The Congress, which has its own traditional vote bank able to hold on to itself in the rural areas . But, the BjP is not only fast catching up in the rural and urban areas, but is influencing the people with the efficient use of the social media. The ruling party is finding that despite the resources and the control over traditional media, the it is no match for the BJP. One big advantage for the BJP is its motivated cadres, who are also tech savvy. They are able to come up with smart comments, quick answers and witty attacks on the political rivals.

The TRS leaders have reportedly stepped up their social media presence by recruiting lot of youths. However, these people need feeding in terms of inputs. The party leadership is said to be readying up a quick response team to tackle the BJP social media tsunami.