TRS weaning away leaders from Etela

Sat May 15 2021 14:03:53 GMT+0530 (IST)

The ruling TRS is slowly but surely weaning away one supporter after another from Etela Rajender. The focus is on Huzurabad, which is Etela Rajender’s citadel and minister Gangula Kamalakar is visiting Huzurabad frequently. He is talking to various leaders, considered close to Etela Rajender, and is convincing them to remain loyal to KCR.

Interestingly, two key leaders, who owe their career to Etela and were considered loyal protégés of Etela Rajender have announced that they would rather say Jai KCR than Ji Etela. On Friday, two municipal chairpersons, who were promoted by Etela, held a press conference and said that they were with the TRS and that they would not join hands with Etela. Huzurabad municipal chairperson Gande Radhika and Jammikunta chairperson Takkallapalli Rajeshwara Rao have said that they would not leave the party. Radhika was accompanied by 16 councillors, the market yard committee chairperson and the town party general secretary. Similarly, Rao too said that a majority of the councilors would remain with the party.

Sources said that both Rajya Sabha member Lakshmikantha Rao and Gangula Kamalakar are talking to various TRS leaders. They are ensuring that not many leaders accompany Etela Rajender when he leaves the party. The TRS is said to be offering sops to these leaders and is threatening some others who are reticent. The TRS leadership feels that by the time Etela takes a decision on leaving the party, a majority of the leaders would leave him.